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About Us

Siyas International Laptop Service Center 9509536978

In Jaipur you are at the right place to service your laptop with the best price and quality. Since 2012, we are providing quality laptop service to the customer with highly professional skilled technicians. Siyas International is Multi brand laptop service & Repair center in Jaipur. We do all range of Laptop repairs, Our professionally trained laptop service technicians well experienced and qualified in troubleshooting, repair all Major branded Laptops like Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Apple, Compaq,Toshiba, Sony, Gateway IBM Laptops Whenever you need of laptop repair supports just call 9509536978\7877650322 or and get an instant solution.

How it Work

Booking Open for 24/7 and Call expected time from 9am to 6 pm we understand your problem and analyise on call. trouble shooting team advise and provide you guidiness even estimation if possible(every model problem vera from one onther) our expect professional work on query and solves issues...

Annual Maintacece Services

  • Laptop Repair
  • Computer Repair
  • Printer Repair
  • Networking

Mostly Relevent Issues

  • Shorting

    Power Issue Inside

    This kind of problem comes in your laptop mostly due to voltage friction or over power supply in your laptop.

  • No Display

    Laptop On But No Display

    This condition comes when the display section on the motherboard does not function properly or Vge Cable functionality is been up to the mark.

  • Bios Problem

    Bios Update

    Forget your bios password, Laptop dead condition directly opening bios setup.

  • Graphic Problem

    Video Or Image With Pixcle Issue

    The images and the video comes in not proper color even blue screen occurs and there no display but can work externally.

  • Harddisk Not Deduct

    Boot Device Not Found

    Harddisk replaced and still not deduct or something it takes and something, not its the issue of an io controller problem.

  • Battery Not Deduct

    Battery Not Recognised

    The battery does not deduct error on battery comes and the battery is proper so its internal Motherboard issue in charging section or Power section.

  • Processor Short

    Laptop Dead Or Effect Processor

    The laptop is dead due to overvoltage and heating badly or burying scenes it seems the processor is been short.

  • Battery Not Charger

    Battery Section Issue

    When the battery is properly and the charger is also working properly but still not charging its issue in power section and charging section also.

  • Laptop Body Broken

    Complete Body Damaged

    Laptop Complete Body damaged may be due to accident or fall from certain height body parts are generally depends on the model no and its availability can be checked.

  • Laptop Top Panel Damaged

    Laptop Breezal And Top Panel

    Laptop Top Lock damaged due to hinge issue it can be repaired or panel can be replaced if it's not repairable.

  • Laptop Base Damaged

    Laptop Lower Panel Where We Install Battery

    again its the problem lock and hing it generally when hings get hard it broke the panel locked in very critical condition this king of issues can be fixed and even if required avail a new part also.

  • Touch Pad Panel Broken

    Mouse Touch Not Functioning

    In Laptop when touch panel get stuck its some time laptop stop working due to turn on button and even dcjack get disturb in case, if touch is not working even it can be repalced

  • Laptop Lock Damaged

    Alignment Not Proper

    If the locks are damaged it differs your laptop alignment from the corner and it can be fixed by refabrication work once its fixed time become as it new one.

  • Laptop Hings And Lock Broken

    Hings Need To Be Service

    All kind of laptop must be service once in year because hing get hard and breaks the body around.

  • Operating System Not Found

    Booting Issue

    This kind of issues can be resolved by formatting windows or mac os updating or by recovery before doing this please check your data first once it's started your data may be on risk.

  • WiFi Not Deduct

    Wifi Issue

    Wifi not connected or shows limited access it can be the drivers issue or setting issue it can be solved by simply updating the proper drivers or it can be rectified by troubleshooting.

  • Laptop USB Not Working

    USB Ports Issue

    Laptop USB not working due to software and driver update it can resolve by proper driver updating and even it makes issue it seems hardware issue in this kind of issue firstly need to check and analyze whether its software or hardware.

  • Laptop Battery Repalcement

    Laptop Not Providing Backup

    Laptop Battery not providing backup or not rase it percentage of power in this case you can replace your battery all kind of laptop battery are available original as well as compatible battery extenal or internal

  • Laptop Adapter Replacement

    Laptop Charger No voltage

    If Laptop Charge id not producing proper voltage according to system configure you need to replace charger

  • Screen Replacement

    Screen Damaged

    Laptop screen damaged due to heavey presure or other reason it should be replace not repaired

  • Hardisk Replacement

    Hardisk and SSd Update

    We can not repair hardisk it stop booting or start laking your system speed while replaceing it inhence speed and booting speed to

  • RAM Upgrade

    Need Increase Speed up of Laptop

    We can Increase the speed of laptop by increasing ram and its bascially required to update for some specific software work like coral draw ,illustrater,photoshop,autocad etc

  • Keyboard Replace

    Some Keys Not Working

    In a laptop issue keybord is not working you need to replace complete keyboard and if single key is not performing well then even need to replace it completely

  • Internal Service

    Laptop Service

    Its recommended to all laptop atleast once in year it should be serviced it can reduce heating problem in laptop removed dust particals and inhance its performance

  • Laptop Fan Service

    Laptop fan cleaning

    its recommended when fan makes an issue or stop working due to dust inside fan can be service it general happens when we use laptop on matrixs inspit of table

  • Heating Problem

    Laptop Heating Badly

    it can be solved by getting service and after the termal paste and pad are changed it reduces heat.

  • Losing part and cables

    Cable issue internal

    it happence when part are loose from inside when we move laptop from one place to another it shut down.

  • Laptop Button not working

    On Off Button not working

    it happends when on off button move from its place it seems hard while pressed and never gets on this can be repaired in service it from internal and fix its position

  • Screen Flikring

    Screen not stable

    when your laptop screen is not constant it make flikring in screen it could be visible but image is not stable.

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  • its Great to tell you about Siyas International i repaired my dell laptop from them and in past i have shown to many other engineers but after its repair form siyas its working amazing its all the destine

    - Sonal Soni

  • Long time ago i have visited this place but they still remember my case its wonderful laptop was burned and they replaced hp laptop motherboad still after 2 years its working good and this time i have bought my another laptop to be repaied

    - Roshan Maravi

  • Well behaviour friendly environment and fast a service

    - Gitika Tiwari

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